Sunday, January 23, 2011


I claim that my hobby is scrapbooking, but for it to actually be a hobby would mean that I have to do it, & I don’t. I mean if you were to look in the office and see the stacks of paper, the bins of stickers, & the cup of different scissors you might just believe that I do some serious scrapping there, I even own my own paper cutter. But here’s the thing, even though I love of scrapbooking, I also love sleep. I also am a fan of mindless activity ie. facebook & the jersey shore. So, the truth of the matter is, when it comes down to actually doing my claimed hobby or watching jersey shore, snookie wins EVERY.TIME.

Now, I ‘m not one to make new years resolutions, it’s like failing before I even start, but this year I made an exception. This year I resolve not only to finish up the projects I started, but to also spend less time on mindless activity.

First project up…My Belly Book aka my pregnancy journal. The first thing I got when I found out I was pregnant was a pregnancy journal, except I wasn’t consistent filling it out & hate my handwriting, so I decided to make my own scrapbook style. I had been curious about digital scrapbooking, so I thought my belly book would be a great opportunity to try it.

I’ve tried it & after this project is done, I think I’m done. I like to feel my paper, hear the sound the scissors make when I’m cutting, find & pick the perfect embellishments. I like to glue things & arrange things. The act of scrapbooking is almost meditative for me and it’s what makes me happy. Sitting in front of a computer screen does not. So maybe, digital scrapbooking is not for me.

On the positive side digital scrapbooking is much cheaper & there is no mess to clean up. But the biggest pro about scrapping digitally is that it allows me to multitask.

Here are some pages I created while not only watching the drunk shenanigans on the shore, but also rocking my kid to sleep, updating my facebook status, & doing some online banking...

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