Thursday, September 30, 2010

California vs. Louisiana

I’m beyond tired. I’m exhausted.

And that’s the reason why it’s been 6 months since my last post. If it came down to updating my blog or sleep, sleep wins. If it came down to mindlessly facebook stalking or posting an update, stalking wins.

Stalking & sleep aside, I break this 6 month hiatus to share some news and though most of you already know this, blogging is therapeutic for me…

We’re going home.

Home like Louisiana, home. Ruston home. Sloppy roast beef home. Collard greens & ham hock home. Sweet tea home. Conservative home. Republican home. Bible belt home. Steel truck nuts home.

We’re trading in the 8 lanes of the 405 for the 2 lanes of the 20. Trading in the billboards that offer a size 0 waist and flawless skin to billboards offering to save our souls. We’re trading in near perfect weather for 98% humidity. We’re trading in the cement for lush greenery, the beaches for the lakes, the California crazy for the Louisiana crazy. We’re trading in 50 grocery stores for Walmart.

And we’re actually okay with this. Excited even. Don’t get me wrong there were reasons why we left Louisiana, but after discussing it in great detail & even making a pro/con list the pros outweighed the cons.

And when we filtered out the nonsense of our pro/con list…one thing was clear: In Louisiana we would be able to provide more opportunities for our family without sacrificing our individual needs, dreams or happiness.

So the decision is made and the coordination of logistics has begun. We’re coming home, but as different people with different priorities than when we left 4 years ago. Not to mention our twosome is now a three. We have no regrets or feelings of defeat. We’re grateful & happy and looking forward to what our future holds as a family and individually.

So, that’s our news.

BUT, we aren’t closing this chapter on California just yet. Over the next handful of months we have left here we plan on soaking in as much California as we can & hug the necks of the people we will miss the most.


Sarah said...

well i can't wait to hug your necks the most. :) have lots of fun in these last few months and come get a cinnamon roll as soon as you get home! xo

KirbyDPT said...

Not gonna lie I'm totally sad you're leaving. I'm still in a bit of denial too I think. But now I'll have a great place to come visit. Love you!!