Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always the last to know...

You’d think since I live with him, share the same bed, wash his underwear, even went half on a baby with him, I’d be on the up and up on his latest projects. Well, I am, most, always the last one to know. Which again was the case with his latest project

Apparently, the web caught wind of his new project, which apparently is inventing the hip-hop comic book remix and making hip hop cool again. Special shout out to Music Nerdery, for not only recognizing my husbands talent, but his ability to make people laugh out loud.

I may not completely understand, the album/comic collabo, but I can appreciate the illustrations & his artistry. What makes him even more amazing is his ability to crank these illustrations out, all while being a completely hands on daddy & an amazing husband.

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