Monday, October 26, 2009


Something which I have had trouble doing since I've been pregnant. Apparently along with growing a baby, you develop an attention span of a goldfish, which is one of the many reasons for my lack of blogging. Sadly another reason is my obsession to achieve a high score in bejeweled blitz, a game perfect for my goldfish brain, 1 minute game intervals.

So, a few updates...

1. Merritt S. Nipper, Kenny 4's best friend, was born on October 13, 2009 @ 7:52 pm. Kenny 4 & Merritt were destined to be best friends, after all their fathers have shared a 10" x 10" living space for a year, have ran hundreds and hundreds of miles together, attempted to make fake id's in front of a faded blue terry cloth towel, fastened a trash can to one or the others head with duck tape after a night of underage drinking, pierced each others ears, and have supported some ridiculous hair style choices. All joking aside, they've been each others wing man since they were 16, so it's only natural that their boys follow suit. We are anxious to see what kind of trouble these two will get themselves into & Kate & I are prepared to blame it on their fathers. Disneyland trips & 18th birthday celebration plans are already in the works.

Welcome to the world, baby Merritt, we can't wait to snuggle you. We have completely fallen in love with this new addition to Team Nipper.

2. After a couple of hours of weird, painful abdominal cramps that turned out to be contractions we found ourselves in a room on the labor and delivery unit 3 months before our scheduled unit tour & 4 months before my due date. Medication was given to me to stop the contractions, followed by a couple of liters of IV fluids, and I'll spare you the unwelcomed, unlubed pelvic examines that also followed. I was eventually discharged home thankfully still pregnant, sore, & on bedrest for 2 weeks. As of last week my doctor placed me on pregnancy disability leave for the remainder of my pregnancy, my only job is to be happy, be healthy, grow a baby, & keep Kenny 4 inside until January. Sounds easy enough. As I enter my 3rd trimester, I finally enjoying pregnancy and embracing motherhood. I may still be the most exhausted I've ever been in my entire life, but I'm definitely the happiest.

3. Nursery is done, ahead of schedule.

4. My belly button remains an innie. I expect at any moment this will change, but plugging it with my finger any time I yawn, sneeze, or cough seems to postpone the inevitable.

5. On a recent visit, Jonah, my amazingly gifted nephew, asked his Uncle Kenny, what he would like to achieve as a father. Caught completely off guard, Kenny 3 responded "I would like to not drop the baby." I'm hoping that the babywise classes we are scheduled to take in early December will help my husband achieve this.

and 6. reminds me I have 80 more days till we meet quite possibly the best mash up EVER.