Monday, August 24, 2009

Papa's got a brand new bag.

Right before bed it's Kenny 3's time to spend with Kenny 4's.   I simply just lay and remain quiet and let my boys get to know each other.  It usually involves tons of belly kisses, pleads for felt movement, whispers of future to do's, and a couple of silly Shel Silverstein poems.  More recently Kenny 3 has decided to introduce his mini me to the world of music and after spending at least 15 minutes finding the right song, he puts the earphone buds to my belly.  It started off with a little bit of Stevie Wonder & the Jackson 5, until the other night he decided to introduce Kenny 4 to James Brown...

Papa's got a brand new bag played and half way through the song, Kenny 4 decided he had heard enough and moved to the opposite side of my belly.  I laughed & told number 3 that his son didn't care for James Brown. Disappointed Kenny 3 picked up Where the Wild Things Are & started to read. 

Turns out, Kenny 4 may not be a fan of James Brown, but he is a fan of his daddy's voice, which was apparent when he repositioned himself on the other side of my belly to snuggle up closer to his dad.    

Ken beamed & I cried.  Our little family of 3 is already taking shape.  Life is good.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What do I know...

apparently nothing.

this just keeps getting better and better.