Monday, July 13, 2009

Digging Deep.

After a day of vomiting landed me in the ER and completely wiping any ounce of energy I had on reserve, I lay in bed on the second day and tearfully asked my husband where I was going to get the energy to do this for 6 more months...

In search of the right thing to say, Ken convinces himself that I am pregnant with a superhero & that the reason why I feel so drained is that our superhero needs ALL of the energy.  Ken is able to sleep better at night.

I call the bestest for some rational advice...except she's convinced that I am pregnant with a half vampire/half human, referencing Renesmee, from Breaking Dawn.

Superhero or 1/2 vampire, girl or boy, it's sucking me completely dry.  Ideally this was not how pregnancy was supposed to be like.  In my head there were no ER visits, no constant headaches, or extreme feeling of weakness so much I could faint at any minute.  I didn't envision myself lying on my bathroom floor after vomiting the 46th time or that the distance from the bed to the bathroom suddenly felt like 46 miles.  Pregnancy in my head was maybe a couple weeks of nausea followed by beauty & fun...13 weeks in I'm digging deep to find the beauty in pregnancy & praying & hoping that fun will soon ensue.


Tipsy Nipsy said...

Maybe you have altitude sickness. That sounds like the signs and symptoms I had.

Kate said...

What Matt meant to say is that he had sympathy illness for you. And also that he's a huge vagina when it comes to climbing mountains.

Dig deep. It's worth it!

Anonymous said...

nipper #3 checking in:

You will so forget all of this when that beautiful Ro-Kenna pops out.
Love you guys,