Monday, June 22, 2009


Up until about a week ago, the nausea was a constant reminder of my pregnancy.  Thankfully for about a week now it's subsided, of course catching a whiff of something that doesn't agree with me (like honeysuckle soap) or better yet witnessing a patient vomit will send me on a dry heaving frenzy, but none the less nausea free.  

But as I watch my body morph, continue to deal with this exhaustion and inability to read correctly, I still had the impulse to take another pregnancy test, just to make sure...

I didn't of course, but the thought crossed my mind, especially after the idea of buying an ultrasound machine was unrealistic...My heart and mind were put at ease when I saw this today

Our lima bean 10 weeks and 3 days old. Shortly after our doctor took this picture, our bean gave us a show, waving it's arms and legs. Ken and I would like to think lima bean was dancing and showing off for the camera, none the less it was an amazing image and Ken and I both agreed that we could have watched our bean all day if we could. 

I think the baby knows how incredibly happy we are out here that he's totally partying it up in my belly, guess that would explain my exhaustion.

Monday, June 1, 2009

lima bean.

We took one.
Then we took 5 more.
They all said the same thing.

And even after the positive pregnancy tests, the all day sickness, and the extreme wasn't until we saw our lima beans heart blinking that it finally hit us....