Wednesday, December 17, 2008


With the holidays just around the corner, the first round of family is Cali bound Saturday.  I'm excited and overwhelmed and wished I had 3 weeks off of work and school to enjoy them, oh the reality of life.

This was taken 5 years ago and has been my only picture with my entire family in it.  My hopes this holiday season is to finally get an updated picture.  I'm excited to see faces and hug necks because it's been way to long.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reason 303,460.

He's an amazing uncle.

Hot Cross Buns Superstar.

*Kuya, there is no need to thank me for blessing your home with the sweet sounds of the recorder(s), what are little sisters for, anyway.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Brother.

I can't believe he's turning 21 tomorrow.  I also can't believe in the 21 years he's been on this earth he's had more hairstyles than anyone I know.  So, in celebration of his 21st birthday, I thought we should also celebrate his choices of hairstyles. 
(click  image to enlarge)
Happy Birthday, Budda.  I love you, love you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside.

not really, and Ken begrudgingly turned the air conditioner off.  I refuse to have the air conditioner running in December:  open a window, strip down to your boxers, take a cold shower, whatever needs to be done, the air conditioner will remain off.

It's hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's 88 degrees outside, none the less, I love the Christmas season.  I especially love decorating for Christmas & with all the decorations up, the tree lit, & the house smelling like cinnamon, it's a shame that in a couple of weeks it will all come down.  

Each year with our pajamas on, Ken's breath smelling like eggnog, and Temptations and Mariah as background music, we decorate our tree.  Each year I rediscover our ornaments and each year I get bit by the nostalgic bug as I unwrap them.  We don't have a theme, although by looking at it you may beg to differ, because we are partial to superheroes and a certain feline, in any case our ornament collection is pretty eclectic: pickles, snowmen, & even a man shoe.  But I have my favorites, the ones that get the prime spots on the tree.

We got the kissing fish from Mom Keil, who gave them to us in 2004, Ken & I's second Christmas together.  Ken says by his mom buying us "kissy fish" (his words not mine) it meant she wanted him to marry me.  4 years later, the glitter & paint may be chipping off, but the magnets are still attracting, a lot like us.

I found this hand painted clear glass ornament, while Christmas shopping with 2 of my bestest friends, Jen & Ash.  Long lunches & spending way too much money always made for a great day.

This was given to me by our good friend Brad, who has an amazing Christmas tree, filled with the most incredible collection of Christmas ornaments, so it doesn't surprise me that he picked this beautiful ornament out.  I actually went to Pier 1 to buy it after I had seen it being advertised but unfortunately they were sold out, so I was extremely thrilled when he gave this to me at his annual Christmas party.

Yes, their boobs, & yes they are displayed on the front side of the tree. They're hand crafted by Kate & I laugh every time I see them & it just reminds me of how much I love her & her boobs. 
This is my new favorite I actually got this one this year from a pal/coworker, who in the short time we've known each other knows I love candy, especially lemonheads, the best part of this ornament is the candy that's inside.

You should come visit & have some eggnog, that's of course if Ken hasn't already finished it, we'd love to have you over. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HEY YOU, it's another review.

"...laugh out loud..."
-Hilden of Robot Panic