Wednesday, November 26, 2008



"....a clever comic...a promising debut by a talented creator. It's more than sufficient..."
-Jason Sacks of Comics Bulletin

"...funny book...highly stylized...very good project."
-Adam of Pete's Basement Episode 32 (starts around 08:54)

"...really funny..."
-Pete of Pete's Basement Episode 32 (starts around 21:36)

"This book is hilarious....laughs on every page..."
-Greg Burgas of Comics Should Be Good (scroll to mid page)

"amazing, genius, buff, & talented, everything I like in a artist..."
-Rowena Keil of Shameless Promotion

Tales to Suffice is out today! Pick it up, you won't be disappointed, promise.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reason 303,459.

Blog worthy advice.  

I'd like to share some wisdom my husband threw me last night before bed.  

"When you get bit by a bat you won't feel it.  So, if you wake up and there is a bat in the room, you must immediately go to the hospital and get a rabies shot."

*side note:  our previous conversations did not relate to bats.  Batman-yes, but not bats.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woah, November you are moving way too fast!

We started November off with a quick trip to the bay for the Alternative Press Expo (aka APE). Surprisingly in the 24 hours we were in San Francisco we packed a lot in including a trip to "The Rock."  We knew we weren't there to be tourist, so we weren't disappointed when we couldn't tell the difference between the bay bridge and the golden state bridge or when we were greeted with rain, rain, and more rain.  We weren't even disappointed when it came to the unappetizing breakfast calzones but it was all worth the 6 hour drive to finally see Tales to Suffice in all it's glorious printed form. I got choked up yet again not only seeing my husband get his hustle on and sharing his amazing talent to the world but to see his published comic book sitting on the SLG table, he shook his head in embarrassment when I wanted to buy 30 copies.  This being my second time as a convention wife, I think I'm getting the hang of it, this time around though I didn't scare any of the other artists by shameless, enthusiastic promotion of my husband.  I held back and let Ken whore himself.  

This is me, a year older.  Turning 28 was harder than I thought.  I spent the day before under a blanket in bed, eating left over halloween candy, and drowning in realization of how the number keeps getting bigger, the hair is getting grayer, the metabolism is slower, the girls are less perkier, and mind is getting crazier.  Luckily, Ken planned a relaxing, rejuvenating birthday weekend in Santa Barbara to get me out of this self loathing mood.  With nights falling asleep to sounds of crashing waves and mornings waking up to beautiful sunrises what more can an old lady ask for.  It was the exact place I go to in my head to harness my chi, gather myself, calm myself, center myself, or get away.  It was my happy place in true, tangible form and I hated to leave, but was comforted knowing it's existence.  

It has been an incredible birthday month so far.  I'm a lucky, spoiled girl and with an amazing husband, wonderful friends, and a loving family I am truly blessed.  I guess getting older isn't that bad, especially when it gives me the excuse to eat 2 birthday cakes and my weight in gobstopper cupcakes.