Thursday, October 9, 2008

Catching up.

It occurred to me this morning while in the shower how crazy busy it has been for the Keil household. I realized this when I saw what was growing in my armpits. I evidently have become European. Maybe far too much information to share, but it just confirms the crazy busy. I confess that lack of grooming is due to pure exhaustion. The good kind of exhaustion, though. It's hard to get back into that day-to-day routine, when you've been spoiled with 2 weeks of playtime. It's also hard to jump back into reality knowing that the faces that make you happy aren't part of that day-to-day routine. Oh, the joys of growing up. All that aside, we’ve had a wonderfully exhausting past couple of weeks.

First the bestest came for a 5 day intro to SoCal. Hollywood, Disneyland, & Venice Beach gave her just a taste of my new stomping ground. Before I knew it was Sunday & we were back at LAX saying goodbye. We’ve already started planning our next adventure, but this time we’ll invite our other halves. 5 days weren’t nearly enough, and I miss her like something fierce.

Two work days later we were on the plane to the ATL, for the Valdez extravaganza. There are a few people I would climb ladders for, even a lesser number of people I would iron for. But for the Valdez’s I would not only climb ladders and iron, I would do it in heels. One of my favorite boys got married to an amazing girl. I knew she was the one when he told me she could recite/rap the entire Andre 3000 verse on Throw Some D’s Remix. The day was perfect, and hands down the best wedding DJ. We love Diwang and have fallen in love with Becca. Congratulations guys! Thankfully the last of my boys reassures me it will be at least a couple of years until I will have to iron or pluck eyebrows.

So back to reality, back to that day-to-day routine, back to shaving my armpits on a regular.
Check the pictures here & here.