Friday, August 22, 2008

Grits vs. Cream of Wheat.

I call it grits, Californians on the other hand call it cream of wheat.

I was reminded where I was the other day at work.

I was assigned the team that was right across from the nurses station, I had a slightly confused patient, who also happened to be hard of hearing. It was breakfast time, also the time most of our doctors make their rounds on their patients, point: the nurses station was busy.  I was assisting my patient with her breakfast.

Me (as I'm removing the lid, also talking loud enough so she can hear me):  What will you have in your grits? (giggles)
Patient:  What?
Me (louder, because she obviously can't hear me):  Grits honey, what will you have in your grits? (laughter)
Patient:  What?
Co-worker (from outside the room):  Ro, it's cream of wheat, not grits, you aren't in Louisiana anymore!  (outburst of laughter)

Turns out they were laughing at me, & when I asked my patient what she'll have in her cream of wheat, she replies, "butter."

Guess you can take the girl out the south, but you can't take the south out the girl.

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