Saturday, August 30, 2008

fears. especially of grammar.

I started my first online class at UOP Tuesday.  I imagine it's the easiest class I'm going to have to take on this road to my BSN & since Tuesday I have had a total of 2 nervous breakdowns & at least a handful of panic attacks, some of which happened while I was at work, you know the work that requires me to keep people breathing.  

It's a intro class, the kind of class you take your freshman year of college, the one that teaches you about good note taking, time management, & how to use the library.  Pretty standard stuff, pretty much a joke, but yet gives me chest pain & heart palpitations.  And to make matters worse, I have to remember what a predicate is (sorry mom) and know where I should place a comma or a semicolon.   Hello, read my blogs, I obviously suck at grammar.  Unless you can surgically take out a predicate or suture a comma, I don't know why I have to know where they go or what they are.   

Its nursing school Ro all over again, you know the one that was incredibly stressed out, the Ro that couldn't relax, the Ro that was on anti-anxiety medication, the Ro that ate 3 steak, egg, & cheese bagels in an hour, she's back & more neurotic than ever.  

I'm overwhelmed & scared of failing. period.

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