Friday, August 8, 2008

earth shakingly, certifiably, wickedly, luckily, cool.

seems to sum up these past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 29th, Ken & I experienced our very first California earthquake, which lasted 30 seconds to long.  Long enough to question whether or not we preferred hurricanes or earthquakes, I think we've decided to stay, until the next one I imagine, then we'll have too reevaluate.

Ken & I still can't believe how amazingly well this year's Comic Con went & how exciting it was to have people get excited about the debut of Tales To Suffice.  A few days after we came back from San Diego, we get some pretty certifiably cool news that Tales To Suffice had made The Preview's Certified Cool List.   And because our heads haven't already exploded with happiness, Tales gets a full page ad in the Preview Catalogue (page 192 of the August issue).  It's so incredibly, unbelievably awesome, I can barely put into words. 

Tales To Suffice is scheduled for release in October, but you can go to your local comic shop & pre-order a copy,  you'll more than likely need the to know that the publisher is SLG (Slave Labor Graphics), but ask to see the August issue of the Preview Catalogue, flip to page 192 or 193 (thumbnail ad) & order, it's totally easy.  The print run is determined by the pre-orders, so the more pre-orders, the more they print, obviously.

While my husband is becoming celebrity status in the comic industry, we also got a much need visit from my mother-in-law.  I truly am lucky to have such an great mother-in-law, because I hear they aren't all so wonderful.  We enjoyed a Saturday at the beach, a Sunday at the theater, & a Monday shopping, before we knew it we were back at LAX saying goodbye, it went by way too fast.  

It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks, & if the rest of August plays out like it has been, I may just need a nap.  

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Sarah said...

so. jealous.

i've got to get a plan together. i miss you guys. i miss walking everywhere. i miss vegan thai food. i miss you guys. (did i say that already?)