Saturday, August 30, 2008


When they brought her home from the hospital, I imagine for me it was a roller coaster of emotions:  excitement, happiness, curiosity, confusion, jealousy....Every emotion a girl has when they become a big sister or in my case an ate.  Technically she's my cousin, but we've played like sisters, we've fought like sisters, our parents even dressed us alike, so I don't see her as any thing other than my little sister.  So, in celebration of her 24th birthday, I've compiled a list of 24 things that make her great & what I absolutely adore (envy) about her.

24.  She got the good hair.
23.  She wears a size 0.
22.  She can eat whatever she wants & still look amazing in a bikini.
21.  She can sew.
20. She's an amazing writer.
19.  She glides in 5 inch stilettos.
18.  She can carry a conversation with my husband about hip-hop.
17.  She's always is dressed cute & looks good in everything.
16.  She's a great dancer.
15.  She's incredibly intelligent.
14.  She's a good listener.
13.  She's a guys girl.
12.  She's free spirited.
11.  She owns brass knuckles.
10.  She's Miss Independent.
09.  She's courageous.
08.  She's outgoing.
07.  She's witty & quick.
06.  She's funny.
05.  She's stubborn.
04.  She's blunt.
03.  She knows how to correctly serve in ping pong.
02.  Her energy is contagious.
01.  She's talented.

Happy Birthday, Jess, I love you!

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