Saturday, August 30, 2008


When they brought her home from the hospital, I imagine for me it was a roller coaster of emotions:  excitement, happiness, curiosity, confusion, jealousy....Every emotion a girl has when they become a big sister or in my case an ate.  Technically she's my cousin, but we've played like sisters, we've fought like sisters, our parents even dressed us alike, so I don't see her as any thing other than my little sister.  So, in celebration of her 24th birthday, I've compiled a list of 24 things that make her great & what I absolutely adore (envy) about her.

24.  She got the good hair.
23.  She wears a size 0.
22.  She can eat whatever she wants & still look amazing in a bikini.
21.  She can sew.
20. She's an amazing writer.
19.  She glides in 5 inch stilettos.
18.  She can carry a conversation with my husband about hip-hop.
17.  She's always is dressed cute & looks good in everything.
16.  She's a great dancer.
15.  She's incredibly intelligent.
14.  She's a good listener.
13.  She's a guys girl.
12.  She's free spirited.
11.  She owns brass knuckles.
10.  She's Miss Independent.
09.  She's courageous.
08.  She's outgoing.
07.  She's witty & quick.
06.  She's funny.
05.  She's stubborn.
04.  She's blunt.
03.  She knows how to correctly serve in ping pong.
02.  Her energy is contagious.
01.  She's talented.

Happy Birthday, Jess, I love you!

fears. especially of grammar.

I started my first online class at UOP Tuesday.  I imagine it's the easiest class I'm going to have to take on this road to my BSN & since Tuesday I have had a total of 2 nervous breakdowns & at least a handful of panic attacks, some of which happened while I was at work, you know the work that requires me to keep people breathing.  

It's a intro class, the kind of class you take your freshman year of college, the one that teaches you about good note taking, time management, & how to use the library.  Pretty standard stuff, pretty much a joke, but yet gives me chest pain & heart palpitations.  And to make matters worse, I have to remember what a predicate is (sorry mom) and know where I should place a comma or a semicolon.   Hello, read my blogs, I obviously suck at grammar.  Unless you can surgically take out a predicate or suture a comma, I don't know why I have to know where they go or what they are.   

Its nursing school Ro all over again, you know the one that was incredibly stressed out, the Ro that couldn't relax, the Ro that was on anti-anxiety medication, the Ro that ate 3 steak, egg, & cheese bagels in an hour, she's back & more neurotic than ever.  

I'm overwhelmed & scared of failing. period.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

baby brother messages.

i am woken up to this text message from my brother this morning.

*side note:  He's in his 4 quarter of nursing school, which is obstetrics.

"So, I got my book for this quarter online and I got it yesterday.  So being I'm dealing with babies and vaginas this quarter I thought to myself hmmmmm it should have some pics of a baby coming out.  And i've heard what it looks like & how big it gets.  I thought this should be kinda cool.  Holy shit it is not cool.  The book def has pics.  Real ones not sketches.  I cringed at the site.  I'm sorry ate I'm sorry that one day that'll be you."

He makes me laugh & I miss him like something fierce.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is what is currently living in my belly.

He's there for a number of reasons, but primarily he likes to tap on my uterus, punch my abdomen wall, & poke my lower back all while wearing a bow tie and a top hat.

100 thangs.

100. I've lived in Virgina, California, Germany, & Louisiana.
99. I'm a registered nurse.
98. I heart scrapbooking.
97. I'm addicted to shoes.
96. I'm addicted to purses.
95. I'm addicted to pink.
94. I'm addicted to all things hello kitty.
93. I'm always cold.
92. I'm most comfortable in flip flops.
91. I eat mayonnaise with my fries.
90. I keep up with 3 different calenders.
89. I sang in my churches choir for 10 years.
88. I'm a karaoke mic hog.
87. I breakout in hives when I'm in a casino.
86. I have a panic attack when I'm in a large crowd.
85. I paint pictures & have only showed them to a handful of people.
84. I can drink apple juice all the time.
83. I spend entirely to much time on myspace.
82. I hate his ex girlfriends.
81. Wanna buy me a drank, my favorite is an amaretto sour.
80. I have to eat my strawberries with sugar, the exception is if I had chocolate.
79. I have to eat at least every 4 hours or else I turn into a monster.
78. I have bad phone anxiety.
77. I suck at keeping in touch.
76. I have a 4 inch scar on my right butt cheek, from a mishap after the second season of Alias.
75. I have tiny toenails.
74. I can keep a grudge for a long time.
73. I've had 2 perms in my life, one of which were just my bangs.
72. I'm literally going blind.
71. I got my first karaoke machine at the age of 5.
70. I'm in a historically founded African-American sorority, "Z-Phi."
69. I can't sleep without my husband.
68. I'm obsessed about cleaning my ears.
67. I am terrified of going to the dentist.
66. I'm most comfortable in my pajamas.
65. I want to go to Greece.
64. I love Rocky Road Ice Cream.
63. I hate licorice.
62. I'm a terrible speller.
61. I sing along to a song way to loud and always make up my own lyrics.
60. I can't get enough of him.
59. My birthmark is on my inner left arm.
58. I had two security pillows growing up, I called them "baboos," & I slept with them up until I was a sophomore in college.
57. It aggravates me when my hair is in my face.
56. I'd wear my hair in a ponytail everyday, all day, if I could.
55. I'm addicted to reality t.v.
54. I can count to ten in 4 different languages.
53. I've got 10 pillows on my bed.
52. I like even numbers & obsessed with symmetry.
51. I still haven't finished my wedding thank you cards, I've been married for 3 years.
50 . I'm the middle child of three, but the only girl.
49. I like to eat dessert first.
48. I like to be in control.
47. I hate my hips.
46. I own the entire series of Gilmore Girls.
45. I was born in Hopewell, Virginia.
44. My birthday is on November 07, 1980, making me a scorpio.
43. I started off a nursing assistant before I was a RN.
42. I hate the taste, smell, & thought of beer.
41. I nearly drowned in Lake Washington when I was 6 years old.
40. My first car was a mazda protege'.

39.  I prefer a canned coke than a bottled coke.
38.  I've had my ears pierced twice & they've closed twice.
37.  I can't function without my cell phone.
36.  I find sanctuary in Ikea.
35.  I steal pens.
34.  I'll tell you what I bought you.
33.  I'm obsessed with post-it notes.
32. My wardrobe consists of 3 colors, black, tan, & pink.
31. I hate surprises.
30. I use my bluetooth hands free device even when I'm not driving.
29. My husband always saves the last page of his sketchbooks for me to doodle.
28. Before I met my husband the thought of marriage broke me out in hives (literally).
27. I punched my husband in the face when he proposed.
26.  I eat chocolate everyday.
25.  I'm horrible with remembering birthdays.
24.  I'm not good with dates in general.
23. I own at least 8 pairs of sunglasses & at least 24 scarves.
22.  I spend way to much money on panties.
21.  I bite my nails.
20.  I call my mom & dad everyday.

19.  I hate to be wrong.
18.  I failed my California drivers license test once before I passed.
17.  I can't sleep without him home.
16. The first song Ken & I danced to was the "Bunny Hop" by Da Entourage.
15.  I hate ironing
14.  I tuck my hair behind my ears.
13.  I get my news from
12. I've only been on two sports teams in my life, in 7th grade I was on the softball team & in 8th grade I was on the field hockey team, I never played at any of the games.
11.  I was on flagline in high school & loved every minute of it.
10. My favorite flower is a gerber daisy.
9.  I kissed Kenny first, after that I knew I didn't want to ever kiss anyone else.
8.  I don't mix my mash potatoes & gravy together.
7.  I like making lists, I love crossing things off.
6.  American Gladiators, The Hills, & Battlestar Galactica are set on series record on our Tivo.
5.  I find stress relief in cleaning.
4.  I hate my husbands driving.
3.  I can be overly dramatic at times.
2.  I use 3 cups of laundry detergent for one load.
1.  I love my life.

Okay, your turn.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Grits vs. Cream of Wheat.

I call it grits, Californians on the other hand call it cream of wheat.

I was reminded where I was the other day at work.

I was assigned the team that was right across from the nurses station, I had a slightly confused patient, who also happened to be hard of hearing. It was breakfast time, also the time most of our doctors make their rounds on their patients, point: the nurses station was busy.  I was assisting my patient with her breakfast.

Me (as I'm removing the lid, also talking loud enough so she can hear me):  What will you have in your grits? (giggles)
Patient:  What?
Me (louder, because she obviously can't hear me):  Grits honey, what will you have in your grits? (laughter)
Patient:  What?
Co-worker (from outside the room):  Ro, it's cream of wheat, not grits, you aren't in Louisiana anymore!  (outburst of laughter)

Turns out they were laughing at me, & when I asked my patient what she'll have in her cream of wheat, she replies, "butter."

Guess you can take the girl out the south, but you can't take the south out the girl.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Braving the unknown.

Leave the preconceived notions behind.
Hold the giggles back.
Put aside your fears.

Find your local comic shop, here.  

Tales to Suffice, is set to come out in October, but you can pre-order your copy, now. Today. Tomorrow.  Ask to see the August issue of Preview Catalouge, flip to page 192 or 193 (thumbnail ad) & order a copy or 2 or 3 0r 60, whateves, it's totally a piece of cake & so incredibly worth it.

If you still can't bring yourself to step into a comic shop you can pre-order online here, here, & here.  

On another note, Ken did a interview with J.K. Parkin of Newsarama.  Check it out here, & yes Carol Lann, he is pretty awesome cartoonist.  

reconstructing events

that's what I found him doing last night.

Ken couldn't remember whether or not he took his medication.  My question to him was simply, how many times have you found yourself in this situation?  So, to officially make him an old man, I bought him a pill sorter, now he won't overdose on baby aspirin & antiarrythmic medication.

I love this man.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Russel Brand, who?

the question that officially makes me old.

apparently, he's hosting the MTV video music awards.

and apparently I'm old & uncool.

however, i should gain some cool points because i made a flat paper robot out of foil.

i'm not very good at sewing or molding, or cutting  for that matter, but it was fun none the less.  So, what's the next crafty challenge?

Friday, August 8, 2008

earth shakingly, certifiably, wickedly, luckily, cool.

seems to sum up these past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 29th, Ken & I experienced our very first California earthquake, which lasted 30 seconds to long.  Long enough to question whether or not we preferred hurricanes or earthquakes, I think we've decided to stay, until the next one I imagine, then we'll have too reevaluate.

Ken & I still can't believe how amazingly well this year's Comic Con went & how exciting it was to have people get excited about the debut of Tales To Suffice.  A few days after we came back from San Diego, we get some pretty certifiably cool news that Tales To Suffice had made The Preview's Certified Cool List.   And because our heads haven't already exploded with happiness, Tales gets a full page ad in the Preview Catalogue (page 192 of the August issue).  It's so incredibly, unbelievably awesome, I can barely put into words. 

Tales To Suffice is scheduled for release in October, but you can go to your local comic shop & pre-order a copy,  you'll more than likely need the to know that the publisher is SLG (Slave Labor Graphics), but ask to see the August issue of the Preview Catalogue, flip to page 192 or 193 (thumbnail ad) & order, it's totally easy.  The print run is determined by the pre-orders, so the more pre-orders, the more they print, obviously.

While my husband is becoming celebrity status in the comic industry, we also got a much need visit from my mother-in-law.  I truly am lucky to have such an great mother-in-law, because I hear they aren't all so wonderful.  We enjoyed a Saturday at the beach, a Sunday at the theater, & a Monday shopping, before we knew it we were back at LAX saying goodbye, it went by way too fast.  

It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks, & if the rest of August plays out like it has been, I may just need a nap.