Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's yours?

Currently on the ipod:

1.    I Decided:  Solange Knowles.
2.   Dirt of My Shoulder:  Jigga.
3.   I'm a Hustler Baby:  Jigga.
4.   Blue Magic:  Jigga.
5.   Damaged:  Danity Kane.
6.   Viva la Vida:  Coldplay
7.   Forever:  Chris Brown.
8.   See You Again:  Hannah Montana.
9.   Shut Up & Let Me Go:  Ting Tings.
10.  Lucifer:  Jigga.
11.  Sexy Can I:  Ray J.
12.  Stronger:  Kanye.
13.  The New Workout Plan:  Kanye.
14.  Lollipop:  Wheezy.
15.  Bleeding Love:  Leona Lewis.

Undeniably, a motivating workout mix.  

So, what's yours?

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