Monday, July 28, 2008

"There is no crying at the Con."

This is what Ken says to me during the drive down to San Diego for Nerdstock Comic Con "The Con" 2008. With all the excitement of Ken actually being a "professional" this year, I completely forgot about the crazy/hectic/madness that is comic con.  But the sudden smells of tuna, the storm trooper stepping on my feet, the 8 dollar bottle of water , the vast amount of camel toe, it was all worth it when I saw Ken sit behind the SLG booth,straighten out his postcards, & take his sketchbook out. It was in that moment, we mentally crossed off "get comic published" on our Life's To Do List. He's made it & I am proud, proud, proud of him, needless to say I cried at Comic Con.  But, what can I say I'ma sucka for published artists.


Sarah said...

i started cryin on the phone with him yesterday, and after seeing the pictures..well, it's watertown usa over here.

i went to excalibur yesterday too--yes, on a wednesday; i am brave. anyway, i saw the previews listing and pre-ordered a copy. this is so crazy..

where are the rest of the pictures!? :D

Kate said...

Thank you for documenting this important time in your lives while your husband is too busy shaving off portions (and then all) of his facial hair to mention this experience over at the A-con.
Is that a rapper?

This is me asking for a picture of no chin-strap Ken.

If necessary, please gently remind KW that you and I are both currently in possession of "career-ending" photos of our husbands and will consider using them against them whenever we want something. Purses, ponies, more pictures, whatever.