Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I named it...Ratatouille.

because, that's what inspired it after all.     

Ken is in charge of supper at least 3 nights out of the week, a deal we discussed prior to me graduating nursing school:  the days I work he's figures out what's for supper, the days I don't work I'm responsible, it's worked out so far & we make a good team.  

But, I've come to expect 1 of 3 things on the days I work:

1.  We go out to eat.  
2.  We have frozen pizza or lasagna. or
3.  We have salmon.

So, I'm slightly confused when I call Ken up & ask him what he has planned for supper & his reply is, "something different, it's all in my head."

This "something different" that was "all in his head," was crazy & not the least bit appetizing when vocalized.  But, it turns out is pretty damn amazing.  

...lemon-pepper marinated salmon, scrabbled eggs with cheese, topped with fried bacon, & drenched in hollandaise sauce...

It was quite possibly the most awesome thing he's cooked.  So, I give it 5 stars & tag it as my favorite...he can most definitely add this devinely delicious concoction to his repertoire.

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