Monday, July 7, 2008

Fonzworth Bentley.

My sister-in-law noticed my eldest nephew, Joshua, carrying a ziplock bag with 5 $1 coins, one morning before school.

Manang Ann:  What's that for?
Josh:  I'm bringing it to someone.
M.Ann:  What?
Josh:  ...nevermind...
M.Ann:  Jonah, why is your Kuya bringing money to school?
Jonah:  He's paying someone.
M.Ann:  What?
Jonah:  Kuya told (insert kids name) he'd pay him $5 to tie his shoes.

I know I shouldn't be proud of my nephew for this one, but it's so baller. He's like the P. Diddy of the playground.

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Xera said...

time to get (insert kids name) an umbrella...