Sunday, July 20, 2008

Every girl should have...

1.  a hello kitty computer bag to tote around her cute ass macbook. I totally became a proud of owner of a macbook & I truly don't know how I ever tolerated a PC. 

2.  girlfriends.  I admit most girls annoy me & I tend to get along better with guys, making my girlfriends few & far between.  Unfortunately, my bestest girlfriends are scattered about the continental U.S. making me not only miss them terribly, but making it nearly impossible to arrange an estrogen filled day.  So, I was super stoked when the invite came up to have lunch with 3 of my favorite coworkers.  I accepted & looked forward to it.  A day with no boys, just girls, I was long overdue.

Saturday afternoon we met & over pineapple rice, thai noodles, skewers, sticky rice & mango, we talked, laughed, & stuffed our bellies until we could barely move & even when the waitresses tried to make us leave we stayed put and talked, laughed, and stuffed our bellies even more. The day summed up in one word, refreshing.  I don't think they will ever know how much I needed that.  I enjoyed their company & listening to their stories.  

Thanks to Catrina, Joy, & Mariana.  Lets do it again, soon.

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