Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, I'm not dying.

Which for the past week I've been feeling like I was.

Okay, I admit I wasn't "dying," maybe more like getting punched in the stomach & stabbed in the lower back at the same time constantly, or maybe it was like doing the ab wheel continuously....either way it sucked, but today I finally feel like I'm on the up & up. Thankfully, all the CAT scans & the lab draws, the palpating, the percussing & the many, many urine samples I've given are negative...turns out I'm just stressed.  So, stress relieving activities need to be in my immediate future.  Official prescription from my Internist.  

First things first on this road to a more stressless me...get the apartment so fresh & so clean. Nothing beats unwinding with a Mr. Clean Eraser & my Scunci Steamer.  Next an appointment with quite possibly the best scalp massager on this side of the valley, Liz works wonders.  Then for the weekend my husband & I are leaving the cell phones & the to do lists at home & heading to the beach for long days of picnicking, biking, feeling the sand between our toes, & some reading of books, mine are recommend by Kate, who never seems to steer me wrong when it comes to a good read.

Things are already looking up.

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Mariana said...

Thank God you're not dying, and thanks to "cute doctor!" Had to check out your blog because you are just far too hi-tech for me... This is cute, and I love your descriptive writing, must have got an "A" in English! Funny how you spoke of childhood things I too have grown nostalgic for- Teddy Ruxpin, Jem- OMG, I love you for that! Hope the belly/kidney thing is on the up and up.... Oh, by the way, I am commenting on your blog (so coo,l I have never done that before), while am drinking a chocolately chocolate homemade shake with whip cream and extra chocolate syrup- so, we were talking about training! What a phat @ss I am! hee, hee! Take care friend!
p.s. Sorry, Ken, I think he's cute too!