Sunday, May 11, 2008


Last week was nurse appreciation week.  It was also teacher appreciation week, national postcard week, astronomy week, national wildflower week, & life coach week.

Let's face it I didn't even know it was nurses appreciation week until Friday, & that was only because my hospital gave us ice cream, a chopping board, & a 10 minute lecture about how our money can work for us (which the scuttlebutt is that last year they got massages, but with budget cuts and all...). 

So, here's to being able to hold our pee for at least 12 hours, sore feet, early joint replacements, back problems, anti-anxiety medication, dry hands, 5 minute lunches.  Let's celebrate the doctors who yell then ask what orders to write, the constant breaking of patient to nurse ratios, the weird color spot on our crocs, & the betadine stain on our scrubs.  Let's jump for joy at our job security & the depositions, the "great pay" & long hours.  Let's rejoice for waking up from sleep to silence the IV pump, or the drug addict we are feeding demerol, dilaudid, & morphine. Let's revel in the fact we listen to patient's whine all day & deal with overly demanding family members.

We do what we do because we love it, we are dedicated, we are passionate, we make a decision to get up in the morning and do it again and again, even if it means coming home achey & crying.

So,'re just going to thank a nurse for a week.  Humor us, thank us next week too.


jbebuugin said...

OMG... i totally did a nurses week blog... we must be BFF's or something.... Im considering a career change....... walmart greeter, but i think there is an age requirement, this will have to do for now =(

Kenny said...