Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Big Things Poppin'.

I call J up to hear her voice.

R: Hey, watcha doin'?
J: Driving from the mall, you?
R: Me too.
J: Just spent way to much at Victoria secret.
R: No shit, me too. My favorite bra broke this morning, so I had to replace it.
J: ME TOO! Then I went crazy on the underwear, which I don't need.
R: I know me too.

Crazy that we had the same exact afternoon? I guess so, although to us it's normal. This kind of stuff happens all the time, that's why she's my best friend. Mike and Ken, know with one comes the other, you can't separate us. It's a two for one deal, like it or leave it. Lucky for us they both decide to put up with our shenanigan's.

With that said, the countdown has officially begun, for the first of several weddings Ken & I are a part of this year. We're so excited & extremely honored. Also, we recieved quite possibly the best save the date card, ever.

So, heres to looking forward to seeing faces we've missed so much, long awaited hugs, delicious burrito bars, skate parties, & happily ever afters.


Kate said...

When we got our save the date I became convinced that it was INDEED the best ever save the date and felt a sudden urge to share it with the world wide web. Thanks for picking up on what I was putting down and taking care of that.

Also, thanks for convincing Javine to get a blog. I was late to work yesterday because I started reading hers and couldn't stop until it was finished. You two are amazing.

Love and miss you.

just j said...

Its on like Donkey Kong!!! We are gonna the be tha hottest ticket at the skating rink!!! Fo Shizzle