Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Joshua: Are the primaries still going on?
Auntie RoRo: The presidential primaries?
Joshua: Yes.
Auntie RoRo: Umm. Yes.
Joshua: Who did you vote for?
Auntie RoRo: Obama.
Joshua: Good.
Auntie RoRo: Who would you vote for?
Joshua: Barack Obama.
Auntie RoRo: Why?
Joshua: I'd like him to be the first African-American President.

Auntie RoRo: When you try out for American Idol what's going to be your audition song?
Jonah: Through The Fire And Flames.
Auntie RoRo: From Guitar Hero?
Jonah: Yup.
Auntie RoRo: Nice.

After pulling Katie out of church...
Auntie RoRo:  OMG, kates, why are you being crazy?
Katie:  I'm tree (as she does a princess twirl).
Auntie RoRo:  Right.

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