Monday, March 31, 2008


The decision to move to SoCal was a piece of cake.  
Everything after that however...

The downsizing.
The cramming our lives into 8 ft of truck space.
The good-byes.
The cross country drive, in separate cars.

All that stress, even before we crossed the state line & then when we did it was far from easy.

The 3 month living in a 125 sq. ft. room.
The job hunts.
The commute in L.A. traffic.
The ridiculous cost of living.
The constant homesickness.
The apartment search.
The cramming our lives in a one bedroom apartment.

But a year later...

We both have jobs we enjoy going to (most days) & they are 15 minutes away.
We can navigate through side streets and avoid getting on the interstate, whenever possible.
We are not only managing to pay our outrageous rent, but we're saving & having fun.
We've met some incredible people making the constant homesickness a little bit tolerable.
Our charming 1 bedroom apartment in the middle of it all is perfect.

The decision to move to SoCal was pretty easy...the decision to stay even easier.

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