Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I will never be a size 0.
I will never be comfortable in crowds.
I will never know the right lyrics to a song.
The weather often determines my mood.
I will never be good with a budget.
I'm a terrible speller and even worse with grammar.
I use words in the wrong context & get sayings wrong.
I stutter when I'm nervous.
I feel safest in his arms.
I have a membership to a gym, but rather indulge in McDonald's fries.
I hate it when I'm cold.
I'm cranky when I'm hungry.
I may not call you back.
I'm great at starting projects, but never finish them.
I'm a creature of habit & a total control freak.
I'm a great nurse & I'm ultra competitive.
If you let me I'll keep pushing the snooze button.
I find comfort in food & pleasure in trashy tabloids.
I'm obsessed with shoes, purses, & anything pink.
I have a tendency to over exaggerate.

This is me & this is my blog.


Xera said...

welcome home :)

Kate said...

Immediate reaction upon seeing that you have a new website:

But then you answered it there at the end. And I'm so stoked to find you here.

Now, when do I get to wrap my arms around you?